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Whois said we Sporeans don't have the right or liberty to gossip? hehehe! i did it everyday but nobody like to listen to very much except old guys like me, Lol!

Just to be fair to those who think they know better..try lock on sometimes and U won't it's not funny..Its about the cuppa of tea, Mr. LKY and Son do with their sometimes a dozen papers to read..Utusan melayu (dyfunctional but alive to come back, Sin Chew Jit Poh , so it's all taht bad eh? well see the Strait times it's worst, it tell all lies about the opposition with a PAP smile 2! hehehehe! Beside they gotta read the AngMoh ones: Newsweekly, Times, New Yorkers plus the Wall street jour-nuts. hehehe! I find muc much better it sum-up all the goodnews or bad with a smile 2!

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