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#def -- To tag human readable definitions of a #hashtag

Synopsis Edit

#def #MyHashTag Human readable definition or the URL to it

Description Edit

This tag is to introduce a convention rather than a syntax. It is meant to give user a quick and flexible way to find (or define) meanings of a hashtag. It doesn't have to be positional and should allow free form tagging for deeper namespace. To improve Signal / Noise ratio, It is recommended to use #def only in a microblog notice (tweet) related to a #hashtag definition.

A possible usage of #def is that a user can search a combination of #def + #MyHashTag to obtain a definition or a list of definitions about #MyHashTag. If no satisfying definition is available, the user can create a new one and it will automatically added to the list because of the appearance of both tags.

Examples Edit

Tagging Edit

#def #twsearch
#def #htwikia
#def #def

Searching Edit

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